Rainwater Recycling

With most housing in the United Kingdom now connected to the mains water supply via a water meter there is no better time to make better use of the water we can store and use for free by recycling. Collecting and using rainwater is just one great way to lower your water bills and reduce your impact on the environment. The most common way of collecting rainwater is by diverting the rainwater from your guttering which run’s in to rainwater soak away’s. This can easily be achieved by fitting a down pipe diverter and connecting it near the top of a barrel located near the down pipe. There are many types and styles of rainwater barrels to choose from in ranging sizes to suit your needs. The most common types are injection moulded plastics, wooden and terracotta. Most are fitted with taps for connecting to your hose pipe or filling watering cans. If you have a large enough barrel you could use a pump to create more pressure.

We have put together a large selection of water recycling products for you to choose from including:

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