Tap Aerators, Water filters and Taps

Tap aerators, water filters and cold water filter taps.

We have checked out the best deals in water filters, filter taps and tap aerators from across Amazon so you don’t have too.

Tap Aerators

Easy to fit and help reduce water consumption and create a more even water flow from your taps.
They come in different sizes, fittings and flow rates, check your old one before ordering to ensure correct fitting.

Water Filters

We have found a great selection of water filters that are replacements for jug filters and in line water filters and replacement filters for fitted filter taps.

Filter Taps

If you would rather have your water filtered before you use it without the need for filling a water filter jug, you can now have a filtered water tap fitted in your kitchen for instant filtered water on demand without the need to store jugs of water. Great for modern style kitchens.

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