Plastic push fit, compression solvent weld fittings

We have gathered together some of the best deals on Amazon for plastic push fit, compression and solvent weld fittings. We are sure you’ll find exactly what you need to complete your next plumbing challenge.

Plastic barrier pipe push fit fittings

There are a large range of plastic push fit fittings available for 10mm, 15mm and 22mm plastic barrier pipe. These will help you complete your next plumbing installation, saving time, removing the need to use heat when connecting pipe work in confined spaces and adding flux in to system pipe work.

Solvent weld waste fittings

Solvent weld fittings are commonly made out of ABS and PVC. They can be permanently welded together by using the recommended solvent cement, they take up less room, look neater than compression fittings and come in a 36mm, 43mm and 55mm nominal sizes and offer the better range of colours, white, grey, black and rustic.

Compression fittings

Compression fitting are made from polypropylene and other plastic materials, they come in range of sizes including 11/4″, 11/2″ and 2″. The compression fitting use a rubber seal around the waste pipe and a compression ring inside the screw collar to compress the seal and hold the pipe firm creating a water tight seal. They are great when connecting different sized waste pipes made from different plastics together as they may not be compatible to solvent weld. Can be used with ABS, PVC waste pipes and mainly come in white or chrome effect.

Push fit waste fittings

Push fit waste fittings are made from polypropylene and come in 32mm and 40mm sizes and are used with polypropylene waste pipe. The fittings use a small O ring inserted in to the fitting which holds and seals against the pipe creating a none permanent joint. They are also available in a range of colours that include white and black.

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